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  • Attention Neale’s Reiki Students!

    By on August 19, 2016

    Hey all you spirit seekers! All you students of Neale through the years. This one is for you!


    I have had the blessing to work with SO many of you along this journey. Many reiki attunements, shares, emails/phone calls, and support. This is why I feel like offering this…because I know that I’m going through transition and usually the internal matches the external and vice versa. I know that others are feeling the winds of change and sometimes it’s nice to be taken care of and shown some support through it…


    To anyone and everyone that I have had for a reiki attunement. This could be level I, II, or III:


    I’m offering 50% off healing services if you book with me before September 15th. No need to book online. You can email me directly nrbaldyga@gmail.com or text/call 517-331-3196. Usually sessions are $75/hr, as I work around 80 minutes for a session. So, let’s call it $40.
    Integrative Energy Sessions for $40!

    Massage Services for $40!

    Sound Healing Sessions for $40!


    All of these take mind/body/spirit health into account. Of course!


    Yay! Email me OR Text me (preferred communication these days) to set something up.

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  • The Future is Unknown (Isn’t it Always?!)

    By on July 20, 2016
    Sooooo I have some BIG news for all of you. I have prided myself on transparency through this whole adventure of Urban Escape Healing and that doesn’t stop today. As your narrator and facilitator it is my wish to tell all of you that our physical location/our building has been sold to a new owner. What does this mean for us? Well, we have 55 days to be out. You heard it right! We will be moving out of 1049 N. Ashland by September 15th. The universe has different plans for us, now.
    I write this with mixed emotions, mostly positive. This possibility has been looming for a while now. I may have even shared it with some of you. I think by saying it over and over I have prepared myself for the news I recently received. The landlord had been shopping the place publicly for over a year now. It’s in a good area that is developing fast and the value was growing exponentially. He finally got a bite and reeled in a sale. I’m happy for him. The way that we have always worked together was simple. He gave a decent rent price with the preface that he wasn’t looking to invest any more into the space. I came into an “as is” agreement knowing that anything I wanted to change I would be doing it myself. And that I did! I scraped and clawed and bartered and upcycled a Healing Studio! The saying “Where there is a will, there is a way” is super relevant at this moment.
    I moved in 3.5 years ago (my how time flies!). I had no idea what I was about to embark on, really. I thought that living in the back of an industrial storefront near Wicker Park would be fun, exciting, a change of pace, and FINALLY a legitimate place I could take clients with my energy healing work. I figured I would have some room to make music, too. The location was good and the price was affordable enough that I couldn’t say no! I had started UEH the year before moving in to what became the studio. I left a communal living situation to try the living alone thing. I lived in a 1 bedroom near 6 corners in Wicker Park. I liked it. Actually, I loved it. I realized to take control of my path and step into my power as a facilitator I had to be able to KNOW what the energy would be like when clients were coming to get work done. It’s deep work and people are trying to be vulnerable. The space needed to match that. My tagline was “A Sensory Experience” as I was using different tools to get people deeper into themselves. Through essential oils, reiki, sound, crystals, and fresh juice (after the session) I was giving people a slice of heaven. Relaxation was first, and any healing was a side effect of that. The point of it all was that the power was inside each of us and I was just a channel or an introduction to some of these most ancient modalities. I was just beginning to integrate things together and find my flow in it. There I was, moving on a whim into this BIG building. One thing was certain, there was a lot of unused space in it. At this time, I was still working at Columbia College Chicago in the Office of Sustainability. I loved my job but started to emotionally detach as I had found my calling in healing work. It made me feel ALIVE. All I could think about was furthering myself in the healing arts and music. I was looking for experience and knowledge.
    A couple months into living at 1049 N. Ashland, I started to have friends over. We got to talking about the potential and the possibilities. I was excited. I was scared. I had no idea what I wanted but I figured if people needed this work and this kind of space, things would unfold the way they needed to. I hosted a gathering of friends. We ate food, exchanged energy, and had live music. It was cool to be on the facilitator side of an experience I had been given for years at some amazing spaces in Chicago. It was obvious this could grow, and GROW it did. This started the ball rolling downhill and the momentum never stopped, I just had to get used to the new pace. I felt adamant about a few things as I directed the growth. I wanted to be accessible to as many people as possible, community was important, and I wanted it to be public. Far too often, these cool events I had attended in Chicago were very much “underground”. You had to know someone or know where to look to find them. Spirit….. community…. healing…..expression….. acceptance…. something MOST people are looking for. I wanted to do what needed to be done to open publicly. Before opening, community needed to grow and foundation needed to be put down. It was time to get to work!
    I am forever grateful for those who heard my dreams and helped in whatever capacity they knew how. At the time, I didn’t even know what I wanted but I did know enough to move forward. In many instance, I knew what I didn’t want! Since I had little money, I learned creative ways to get things done. I spent most of my waking hours connecting, talking, juggling, planning, drinking coffee annnnd repeat. I made a business plan. My collegiate training in Music Business (marketing/promotion) started to make a bit more sense. More people were coming through the doors. We started to host reiki shares and have yoga classes regularly. Shout out to Julia who was the first regular class and still happens on Monday evenings! We had Community Healing Day, which was a beautiful collaboration to make a multitude of healing modalities accessible to those who really needed it. This was an early incarnation and inspiration to what many know as “The Healing Collective.” I was manifesting a lot through trades and hand-me-downs, but I got to a point where I knew that I was going to need a chunk of money. I didn’t really want to owe anyone money and I didn’t want to take out a bank loan because I wasn’t even sure WHAT I was building. Spirit was driving the car and I was a present passenger. The twists and turns were incredible, too. I didn’t even know we would make it out from some of those turns we took off the beaten path. But, here we are!
    All this time, I was holding down a day job and working on myself. Finding balance was key….and really hard to do. Every lesson that UEH provided me was a mirror for what I needed to know or deal with. There were the ups and the downs There were times where I had to convince the bank to loan me money on my credit card to pay rent. I told them the money would be back in by midnight….it wasn’t. Many times, I put my social life on the backburner for the space. . I watched all of my friends go on travels and there were times I was really content and others were I felt “stuck”. In other ways, it drew me closer to people. I learned about discernment and those who I wanted to surround myself with. I re-connected with old friends and met new ones because of the studio! There were few who understood but more that started to take notice. By the way, if you own a studio or run your own business I have a special place in my heart for you. I’ll be a listening ear if you ever need!
    We did a fundraiser on Indiegogo and raised just over $5,000. A couple thousand was from my parents (shhhh). It all worked! Special shout out to my parents who believed in me from the start! I am so blessed for that. As things progressed, we got a website. I was continuing to tell the story on social media. I cracked myself up sometimes by posting and sharing the “mundane”. But I figured that was more real and I always wanted to seem human. I always wanted people to look at me or UEH and be like “I’m inspired because I can relate” or “I can do that, too”. As the funds were coming in from the fundraiser they were going right back out the door to pay for construction and materials to be ready for a GRAND OPENING. It all worked! We opened our doors publicly in June of 2014. There were still many things that weren’t done and I was still sleeping in the back but hey, we were open! This was really just the beginning, another chapter. Alongside this, I had adopted a beautiful kitty “Kyanite”. She was 3 weeks when I got her. From then on, she pretty much ran the studio. A little scrappy furball who was the runt of the litter and left to die by whoever put her in a box with her siblings and abandoned in a bush. A beautiful blessing from the universe! She became the unofficial mascot of the studio. I think some people came there just to play with her. She made kids smile from the windows by rolling around and being a “ham”. She did some of the most intense energy work of anyone that walked through those doors. She helped me through some hard times and stuck by my side. She came into my life at the perfect time!
    At this moment, I had met a beautiful soul, Janie at massage therapy school. It is true that when you make a strong decision some of the biggest and best doors open for you. I wanted to round out my practice and gain more knowledge and legal capability to work on the body. Little did I know, going to Massage Therapy School at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine was mostly about healing myself. I had been so disconnected from my body in doing all the spiritual work and the journey back was rough but affirming on SO many levels. I was now working, going to school full time, and running UEH. I was on overdrive…but I knew it was going to all pan out. Deep down, it felt too right not to. Janie stepped in right away like she had been doing this for lifetimes. Although, most of the language was new to her, holding space for healing was not. She embraced all of it! She was a rock and companion when least expected. We moved in together and said YES to so many things. I no longer lived at the studio (Kya either)! That was a big shift for me. Ironically, we lived a block away for a while. I was still “too close” to the studio and found myself obsessive over it. I knew when I finally moved further away it was going to be so healthy. At this time, it allowed me to continue the forward motion.
    At the end of the day, if I wasn’t willing to do it, nobody was. That included cleaning toilets, taking the angry phone calls (there weren’t many but there were some!), helping cancel classes on the fly, taking down and setting the treatment rooms back up in a 2 hour span. Although more of a supportive cast had come in, there was still too much on my plate. I learned about leadership and communication. I learned that I had much to learn and couldn’t run away from my inner issues. I had to face them and conquer them….UEH was ALL a big metaphor!
    If you’ve read this far, thank you! I caught some of you with the first paragraph. I wasn’t actually going to write this much but I wanted to tell the story that many of you probably haven’t heard. Hint: It’s still writing itself. The moral is, if you want something bad enough go out and get it. When you find something that makes you feel authentically “in love” and “of use” to the world, you are now getting somewhere. Couple this action with purpose and look for the tips and tricks along the way in how to do it the easiest and the best. Be open to the turns in the road, too!
    Fast forward a bit….all of the groundwork has paid off. The last round of practitioners and collaborators (the current ones) have been such a joy to work with. They are accountable and passionate as well as in-tune and powerful. They are a great right-left/ spirit-body mixture. I believe I attracted them to UEH when I was ready. When I was confident about myself. Weird how that works! When we had our first sellout of the Healing Collective about 6 months ago, I knew it was all paying off. Since then, we have sold out many of the workshops and classes held at UEH. Thank you everyone for taking a chance! Thanks for supporting us and telling your friends. I have learned that Chicago is desperately seeking this connection. Back to our health, back to ourselves, back to genuine spaces. UEH is a manifestation of that. We aren’t going away. Change is inevitable, though. We are going to ride this wave and see where it takes us. You will definitely find our workshops throughout Chicago. For the next 50 days we are going to enjoy the space and the collective energy that has been built. Come into 1049 N. Ashland and FEEL for yourself!
    To be honest, I’m tired. I’m tired from this and need a regroup. Spirit knows this and I think it’s a BIG blessing in disguise. I’m ready for a new chapter and the universe has provided. I have big dreams with my music (large group experiences) and my healing work. I also want to have a BIGGER garden and work even closer with the earth. This is the first year I’ve grown things myself from seed and I know it’s only the beginning! This is the kick in the pants I needed. We will be meeting as a group to see what the new manifestation of UEH looks like. Stay tuned…
    If you haven’t yet been out to UEH, what are you waiting for?! 55 days and counting….We are going to have 2 more Healing Collectives and a multitude of other events. What’s that, you’ve been here before? Well, come by and say hello! Bring your parents in for a sound journey. Let’s all enjoy this beautiful gift before it shifts into something else. We will keep you posted as we always have. Our journey is your journey.
    IT WOULD BE FUN IF YOU WANTED TO SHARE AN EXPERIENCE OR MEMORY OF URBAN ESCAPE HEALING STUDIO BELOW IN THE COMMENTS. I’d love to hear how it has impacted you. I feel so blessed for it. The whole experience, really.
    You are not alone.
    You are valued.
    You are loved.
    Love Always / Always Love,
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  • Your Body as a Vehicle

    By on July 5, 2016

    Think of the body as a vehicle.

    Your body.

    Your vehicle.


    Now, think about the upkeep that comes with owning a vehicle. Every 1-2 months something is getting worked on or checked (at the very least). Heck, you and your favorite mechanic might even be on a first name basis. Because we know that the need for this never goes away. If you want a car that runs, you have to make sure it has what it needs. We get oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and even more advanced maintenance when bigger things go wrong. It’s not necessary, but pays to know a little bit about your vehicle. It can prevent or lessen the blow when major things happen to it.


    How does this relate to your body? So much so, that it is one of our favorite metaphors. Your body IS your vehicle. Your body IS your temple. Getting you from place-place. By living, you are able to experience everything this great world has to offer. Your relationship with your body is everything. How are you treating it? Are you taking it in for regular checks OR are you waiting until something major is wrong before you do anything about it? 2 words say it all: preventative maintenance.


    By doing this, we make our vehicle’s (body’s) quality of life go up. We honor it and what it does for us on a daily basis. It honors us back by doing it’s darndest to get us to work on time. Our body honors us by having more energy and hurting less (or not at all). Our energy level is like the gas tank. When we sleep and relax we fill it back up. Because of environmental stressors and our own poor habits, we never quite fill up to FULL. A vacation may get us back to three quarters of a tank. Sometimes, it is nice to get a little help from a professional, someone that does this for a living.


    Love the skin you’re in and come get your routine check up today! Don’t wait until things are SO bad you can’t walk or think straight. Your quality of life is important to you and your loved ones. It’s important to us too…At Urban Escape Healing Studio, we work on mind/body/spirit and give you that extra boost you’re looking for. We are those mechanics! Get rid of those toxins and purge that unwanted energy. Start new habits and get your vehicle back in tip-top shape!


    Email urbanescapehealing@gmail.com with any other questions. Book your session at www.urbanescapehealing.com. Ask each practitioner about package specials. We want to be present with your health and well-being and will work something out for you to come back again and again.


    With Love,


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